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Shown in the video is a left swing Doordex 15

Fastening the hinges to the sample doors

  1. 1) Set the sample door face down on a clean surface.
  2. 2) Find the hinge with the longer pin, place it on the top corner of the sample door.
  3. 3) The hinge with the shorter pin is in intended to mount to the bottom of the sample door.
  4. 4) When the hinges are in place, mark with a pencil where to drill the pilot holes, if applied to sample doors with a solid wood rail, follow Step 5
  5. 5) Use a very thin drill bit to create a pilot hole, this will prevent the wood from splitting.’
  6. 6) Use supplied small screws to mount the hinges to the sample doors.

Mounting the rails
to the wall

  1. 1) Start by placing the lower rail against the wall (facing inward) Use level to make sure it is straight. Next, assure that you have a beam behind the sheetrock or display unit.
  2. 2) Mount the Bottom rail with drywall screws and use the supplied washers to prevent screw overdrive.
  3. 3) Place one sample door with hinges attached to measure height for top rail placement.
  4. 4) Add approx 1/2” to clear the bottom pin for easy removal of sample doors.
  5. 5) Mount top Rail in position and start placing your samples on the display.